A Peek into 2019 so far

We are well into 2019 and have enjoyed various subjects for meetings.  These included our Easter programme which was on the subject of ‘Antiques’.   Adapted for the Easter season the focus was on Faberge Eggs most memorable for info about a lost Faberge Egg which had been discovered much to its unsuspecting owners delight as he was many millions of dollars better off for it.  The message for Easter being how very much more rich are we because Jesus died and rose again to secure riches for us that money cannot buy.   Peace, joy, forgiveness and eternal life being just some of those blessings.

This was followed by a meeting featuring jazz music during which many tried their hand at ‘golf curling’ down the central isle.   Future meeting will include a members’ day when those present bring along their own contributions to the programme or make suggestions for items to be included.  Also a ‘Chicken Dance Day’ is planned and, in June, a programme entitled ‘Blooming Flowers’     You are most welcome to join us.

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